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Lawyer of the Year - Business Law (USA)

If your business doesn't grow, ours doesn't.  It's as simple as that.


That’s why we pledge to do all we can to serve the legal needs of your business, without overly complicating things.  A straightforward, economical, no-nonsense approach to business transactions: that’s the EXCELLAW way.


Whether you are a start-up in need of a full set of employment documents, an LLC that needs to revise its Operating Agreement to admit a new owner, or a business owner seeking to sell her business to a buyer, the attorneys at EXCELLAW can help you every step of the way.


Business is complicated enough already.  Let our business lawyers help simplify and de-mystify your legal matters.


Our attorneys excel at working with businesses to identify their strategic goals and objectives, which is often the most efficient way to ascertain their legal needs.  We understand and appreciate that total client satisfaction—our primary goal—requires us to focus on key ingredients that are important to business owners:


  • Making and keeping more money,

  • Identifying and managing risk,

  • Saving time, and

  • Having reliable access to affordable legal support from professionals who value their business.


Over the years, we’ve realized that focusing on these core objectives—and keeping things simple and transparent—keeps corporate clients happy.

EXCELLAW attorneys have served as outside general counsel to many businesses across the Mid-Atlantic region.  We provide our clients exceptional legal support for all of their corporate, intellectual property and real estate needs.


Comprehensive help for the health of your business.


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