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There are approximately 12,000 new franchises sold each year.

Source: International Franchise Association Educational Foundation


EXCELLAW attorneys provide legal support to franchisees throughout the life of their business, without crippling their profit margin.  Franchisees deal with a myriad of legal matters which can range in complexity from complicated and fact-intensive disputes with the franchisor, to lease negotiations, to relatively simple employment documents.


Whatever a franchisee needs—chances are that our franchise lawyers can provide no-nonsense, straightforward legal assistance with unparalleled client service. Contact our firm today to find out how EXCELLAW can give your franchised business the legal support it needs to succeed.  



Are you one of the many thousands of entrepreneurs who are considering investing in a franchised business this year?


Do you think you might be ready to own your own franchise, but don’t know if a specific franchise opportunity is the right fit for you?



EXCELLAW founder Jeff Weaver has worked with scores of prospective franchisees across the United States to help them understand and evaluate their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement, before signing.  He’s provided in-depth, affordable legal advice to dozens of franchisees of businesses across every major industry.


Having reviewed FDDs for clients for so many years, Jeff recognized that the vast majority of prospective franchisees had the same or similar basic set of questions and concerns about their franchise.  Jeff’s comprehensive experience in representing franchise clients enabled him to develop an innovative, flat-fee FDD Review product—the first low-cost franchise document review service of its kind.  At his prior firm, Jeff was the exclusive attorney providing his flat-fee FDD review service to LegalZoom® customers across the entire United States.



Federal law requires franchise sellers to give you the FDD at least 14 days before you commit to buying a franchised business.  FDDs can be extraordinarily complex, and depending on the nature and maturity of the franchised business, can range from 100 to 300 pages in length.   The dense legalese contained in FDDs can be intimidating to many entrepreneurs, making it difficult to figure out whether a franchise opportunity is the right fit.


Experienced franchise attorney Jeff Weaver can review your FDD and prepare a customized memo to help you evaluate the franchise opportunity from a legal perspective before you make a huge investment.

Our value-driven, flat-fee FDD Review service includes the following:


  • Introductory phone consultation to discuss your goals, objectives and concerns

  • A review of your FDD and Franchise Agreement

  • A summary memo highlighting any critical legal issues or terms based on your concerns and objectives—in plain language for you.

  • A follow-up phone conference to discuss the FDD and answer your questions.*


Becoming a franchisee can be a life-changing event that requires a substantial financial and time commitment.  Our attorneys can help protect you from making an investment without understanding the legal implications.


The experienced franchise attorneys at EXCELLAW will be there to help you with all of your legal needs throughout the life of your franchised business.


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